Common Questions

Where can I get training and advice?

Notre Dame Learning units (the Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence & Office of Digital Learning) along with OIT’s Teaching and Learning Technologies team are offering drop-in online office hours, group consultations, online workshops for all Notre Dame instructors. Click here to learn more or register. In addition, we have developed a self-paced Mini-Course on Resilient Teaching designed to accompany you as you plan for the teaching.

How do I teach online?

For guidance on how to teach effectively online, please see the Effective Online Teaching guide. More information can be found in the Resilient Teaching Playbook and in the online mini-course. Additional information can be obtained from ND Learning workshops, open office hours, and individual consultations. 

Should I record my class?

The decision on whether or not to record your class is up to the instructor. Having a recording of your class to share with students can be extremely advantageous if, for example, a student was unable to attend due to illness, connectivity issues, etc. However, privacy considerations should be taken into account before recording a class. Information and guidance on privacy as it relates to recording your class can be found under the “Recording Live Classes (including sensitive subjects)” section of the Intellectual Property & Privacy Considerations chapter in the Preparing for Fall Teaching playbook.

How do I make learning materials for resilience?

To begin, we recommend reviewing the Re/Designing for Equitable Resilience section in the playbook. The Creating & Integrating Media, Worked, Example, & Screencasts chapter provides information on best practices, recommended tools, etc. for producing screencasts and worked examples. To learn more about creating learning materials for resilience, consider signing up for or reviewing a recording of the “Selecting and Creating Asynchronous Content” workshop.

How should I set up Sakai to work well?

ND Learning and the OIT Teaching and Learning Technologies group offer a number of workshops on Sakai, such as "Creating Assessments in Sakai", and "Optimizing Sakai for Resilient Teaching". Additionally, the OIT has compiled many useful Knowledge Base articles on setting up and using Sakai effectively. See Workshops & Programs for the workshop schedule and recordings of previous workshops. 

What are the best ways to assess student learning?

For guidance on administering exams, please see the Assessment Planning chapter in the Preparing for Fall Teaching playbook. For additional guidance, please avail of the ND Learning workshops, open office hours, and individual consultations. 

What technology is in my dual-mode classroom and how do I use it? information on what technology will be in your dual-mode classroom and how to use it, please consult the Fall 2020 Registrar and Departmental Classroom Technology List and the Using Dual-Mode Classroom Technology in Fall 2020 guide.

How will teaching and learning in Fall 2020 be different from Spring?

There are a variety of ways that the experience for instructors and students in the Fall semester will differ from Spring 2020. This table provides a useful comparison. 

Where can I find information on classroom assignments?

The Office of the Registrar has published revised course schedules and classroom assignments in InsideND via Class Search. If you have questions about your new classroom assignment or meeting time, please contact your dean’s designee for fall scheduling matters, typically an assistant/associate dean. Please note that the classroom assignments are not yet final, as adjustments will be made as the registrar learns which faculty members will be teaching online during the fall semester.

Prepare for Fall Teaching

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    Online Playbook

    Advice, strategies, and action steps for redesigning your courses with resilience and flexibility in mind.

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    PDF Playbook

    The same content as our online guide, but in PDF format for users that prefer it.

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    Online Mini Course

    Self-paced course based on the same material as our Workshops and Playbook.

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Upcoming Workshops & Programs

Drop-in online office hours, group consultations, and online workshops are available for all Notre Dame instructors.

Recent Updates

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    We have much to accomplish between now and August 10. We are moving steadily and deliberately toward having all the pieces in place for a successful start to the semester, even as we continue to monitor case rates and emerging science. Before undergraduates begin to return, we will be piloting health and safety protocols and practices with several small graduate student programs in July. We will refine our plans as we work optimistically toward the August 10 fall semester start date.

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