Online Teaching Plans & Examples

In order to prepare to move your classes online, we recommend beginning with a readiness plan. Get Started by reviewing the Remote Teaching Checklist and the Key Technologies page.

We recommend setting small goals and pursuing replicable solutions as you prepare to transition your courses to online delivery.

Please consider this sequence of steps as a potential guide to this process:

  • Divide your course into discrete elements: lectures/presentations, assignments, assessments, student collaboration, office hours, etc.
  • Be sure to highlight the specific learning goals for the week. What is essential to learn now?
  • Map out a sample week. For each class element identified above, describe what you hope students will learn, how they will learn it, and whether they can learn it through online delivery.
  • Identify the strategies and methods that you determined through the completion of the Remote Teaching Checklist & Toolkit.
  • Describe how you would communicate with students about their responsibilities, behaviors (how they interact with you and with their peers) and your expectations.
  • Describe how you will assess student learning, collect feedback, run office hours, and determine attendance How will you share assignments and offer assessments?
  • Consider what essential materials and learning resources your students will need during the disruption. Please let them know what these are as soon as possible, as the University will make arrangements for anything left in their residence halls to be shipped to them. If resources can be made available online through the Hesburgh Libraries, please do so.
  • If you have TAs, what will you expect of them? How will you communicate with them?
  • The advice aggregated here is meant to support your readiness planning and does not impose required approaches. In the case of questions about implementation of your teaching plan, the Deans of the Colleges and Schools will be the determining authority.
  • For ideas on how to draft your teaching plan, see the Sample Plans and Examples on the ND Learning Pedagogical Support site. 

Your Department, School, or College may have additional resources specific to your discipline.

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