Sample Privacy Statement

*Please note the statement below is a model in which each component is part of a coherent whole. It is long. However, instructors should feel free to reduce, adapt, or use as best fit to the course context, materials, and modality.* 

Privacy Practices in This Course

This course is a community built on trust; in order to create the most effective learning experience, our interactions, discussions, and course activities must remain private and free from external intrusion. As members of this course community, we have obligations to each other to preserve privacy and cultivate fearless inquiry. We are also obliged to respect the individual dignity of all and to refrain from actions that diminish others’ ability to learn. Please note the following course principles:

Using learning materials

Course materials (videos, assignments, problem sets, etc) are for use in this course only. You may not upload them to external sites, share with students outside of this course, or post them for public commentary without my written permission. 

Using live class recordings

We are recording class meetings to support remote students and to provide everyone in the class with useful study aids. These recordings will be available for review through Sakai. The University strictly prohibits anyone from duplicating, downloading, or sharing live class recordings with anyone outside of this course, for any reason. 

Sharing student information

Our materials and activities may provoke argument or spirited discussion; some of us may volunteer sensitive personal information.  Do not share others’ personal information on sensitive topics outside of our course community. Student work, discussion posts, and all other forms of student information related to this course are private. 

Sharing course information with others

Sharing private information about our course community (including discussions, activities, presentations, student work, etc) with others for the purpose of inviting external attention, intrusion, ridicule,  or harassment is an egregious breach of trust.


Violating these principles will be handled according to the [applicable academic honor code].