Spring 2020 v Fall 2020

How will teaching and learning in Fall 2020 be different from Spring? 

The chart below should serve as a helpful heuristic synopsis. 


Spring 2020

Fall 2020

Instructional Modality

Emergency Remote Teaching: little time to prepare online materials or redesign courses.

Resilient Pedagogy: intentional planning for flexibility to ensure quality, mitigate potential disruptions and increase equity for in-person and remote students.

Building Community

In-person connections with and between students were sustained during an involuntary pivot online.

We aim to create community with and among students, some of whom may be taking courses remotely.  

Assessments (exams, papers, projects)

It was difficult to assess learning remotely while maintaining security, esp.  in high- stakes exams; we made ad hoc changes. 

We encourage more frequent assessments that can be delivered online to live and remote students to offer parity of experience.


We rapidly adopted Sakai, Zoom, Panopto tools and asynchronous strategies; ad hoc implementation.

We aim for intentional design and use of key technologies to support course goals, enhance learning, and increase equity.

Student Perceptions

Gratitude for instructors’ commitment and flexibility

Expectation of high quality, coherent, and well-designed  learning experiences.