3.4. Teaching as Remote Instructor

One of the contingencies we are asking you to plan for is the possibility that you will need to spend some period of time teaching remotely. To do so, you will need to answer some questions:

  • Do you have the equipment at home that will allow you to connect via Zoom to the classroom? 
    • If not, we suggest that you start assembling it now as a backup.
  • Is there something in the learning environment that makes it important for your students to continue to meet in person while you are teaching remotely?
    • If there are not essential shared materials or equipment in the room, then consider moving to fully remote teaching. See the “Teaching Fully Online” section for some strategies or read more about the theory and practice of online teaching.
    • If yes,
      • Do you have a classroom assistant? If so, They will be able to help you conduct the class by:
        • Connecting the classroom computer to the Zoom session
        • Using a second device to provide you a view of the students in the room
        • Letting you know about questions in the room
        • Collecting assigned work (though if possible, we suggest that in this case your students scan their work and submit via Sakai, Google Drive, or other mechanisms).
    • If you don’t have a classroom assistant, think about how you can work with your students to have them provide similar services to those outlined above.