1. Introduction

Notre Dame Learning created the Resilient Teaching Playbook to offer a text resource to support you as you plan and implement design elements and strategies that will allow you to quickly adapt between in-person teaching and:

  • dual-mode (some in-person students and some remote students)
  • remote instructor (to in-person and possibly some remote students), or 
  • fully online instruction (includes synchronous and asynchronous remote components) 

The website version of the guide is intended to allow you to easily move through the material in order or jump to the sections that are of greatest use to you now. The goal is to help you prepare your course to be as ready as possible for the scenarios above and help you complete a resilience plan by filling in the Resilience Plan Template for each of your courses.

If you have any questions about the strategies or their implementation in your course, please email learning@nd.edu to arrange a consultation.