1.2. The Resilience Template

To be ready for resilient fall teaching, we suggest that all instructors should address the following questions, which comprise the Teaching Resilience Plan Template, for each of their classes:

  • List your learning goals for your students: 
  • Briefly describe your assessment plan:
  • Briefly describe your plan to engage students during scheduled class meetings:
    • How will you accommodate remote students during an in-person class meeting?
    • Briefly describe any alterations or additions to the above if you are off-campus but able to teach:
    • Briefly describe any alterations or additions to the above if everyone is remote:
    • What support will you need in order to learn or execute the above techniques?
    • What technology or tools will you need to have access to at home in order to execute the above techniques?
  • Briefly describe how you will engage students outside of scheduled class meeting times:
  • In what modality will you hold office hours?  
  • Have you worked with your academic unit leader to establish a contingency plan if you are incapacitated?

This playbook, along with the workshop series, Resilient Teaching Website, and Resilient Teaching Mini-course, will help you think through how to best answer these questions for your courses.