Using Key Technologies

Dual-Mode Classroom Technologies

As you prepare to teach it is important to consider the technologies that are present to facilitate interaction among you, in-person students, and remote students. The Dual-Mode Classroom Technologies page includes an overview of the technology (including a video of a demo room in action), information about how you can learn to use the dual-mode technology, and when you will be able to access your classrooms. For a quick reference on how to use the technology in your classroom, see the Getting Started with Classroom Technology guide. 

Dual-Mode Classroom Tech

OIT Technology Resources

  • Panopto to Share Course Video

    Use Panopto to record and distribute video material including screencasts, Zoom class recordings, and other hosted video.

  • Using Sakai Effectively

    Use Sakai to improve the dual-mode teaching environment with assessments, assignments, office hours, and other features.

  • Zoom for Teaching

    Use Zoom to facilitate lectures, meetings, and screen sharing from a variety of devices or locations.

Common Questions

Notre Dame provides a number of technology resources to support teaching. Below is a list of recommended resources and examples of pedagogical practices they can facilitate in a remote/online environment. If you have any questions about these resources, contact the OIT Help Desk

What Would You Like to do?

ND Supported Tools and Resources

Give a Live Class

Select or Create Resources for
Asynchronous Use

Communicate with Students

  • Arrive to class early and share info on-screen and with remote and in-person students as they arrive
  • Hold accessible office hours by having Zoom and in-person options
  • Send email to all enrolled students from Online Photo
  • Create an Announcement in Sakai
  • Send messages in Sakai

Share Documents/Files with Students

Have a Class Discussion

  • Use Write-Pair-Share or other structured activities to engage in-person and remote students
  • Create an asynchronous Discussion in Sakai 
  • Host a synchronous Zoom video or phone chat

Set up Group Work/Collaboration

Give an Assessment

Collect LIve Responses from Your Students

Record a Lecture as a Podcast or Audio File

Share Copyrighted Materials with Students

On-campus Facilities

Notre Dame has a number of on-campus resources that can be used to generate asynchronous learning materials.

Recording Course Material: 

  • Your office / laptop utilizing Panopto or Zoom
  • ND Studios - In-studio lecture recordings or live classes supported by professional staff

Lightboard Recording

Audio/Visual Equipment Checkout

Recording Booths

A list of additional tools and strategies for teaching and learning can be found on the Technology Resources for Teaching site. Note that not all services listed are supported by the University’s OIT team. 

Need help? Contact the OIT Help Desk at or ND Learning at