Dual Mode Classroom Technologies


If you have technology issues in the classroom, you can get assistance in one of two ways:

  • In a classroom with a phone in it, call the number posted on the phone.
  • In a classroom without a phone, use your cell phone to contact the Classroom Support Line at 574-631-8778, or your departmental support team.


Detailed instructions for using the dual-mode technology in classrooms are available here and from a link on the desktop on the lectern computer. We recommend you print and bring these to your class for reference.  Please remember that some students may need to attend remotely (for instance, if they receive a “red pass” on their Daily Health Check), so we ask that you begin every class by opening your course Zoom meeting. If no remote students are present after a reasonable time, feel free to close the meeting. Remember to log in to Zoom using Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure you are the “host” of the meeting in order to use breakout rooms, interaction tools, and security features. 

How do I learn how to use this technology?

The OIT has prepared a guide on Getting Started with Classroom Technology which will be in printed form in each Registrar classroom and in an electronic copy on the lectern computer. The lectern computers also have a link to a more detailed set of dual-mode instructions with screen-capture images

For strategies to engage and empower remote students during dual-mode instruction see Dual-mode: Engaging Remote Students During In-person Meetings

And watch this:

What kind of technology will be available in my classroom? 

The two categories of classroom technology are described in detail here. A list of individual classrooms with installed technology specifications is available and will be updated regularly. Both the “basic” and the “enhanced” dual-mode rooms provide upgraded audio and an additional video display to facilitate interaction. “Enhanced” rooms also have a ceiling-mounted microphone for picking up in-room student audio and camera with presets for wide-angle, front of the room, and writing surface (default setting).

Instructors assigned to departmental classrooms should check with their dean’s office for more information about available technologies and resources.