Workshops & Programs

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Past Workshops: Recordings and Materials

Note: To see the Zoom chat and use it to navigate the videos click the "Discussion" option below the speaker on the left side of the screen. 

  • Alternatives to Traditional Grading Panel (Sonja Mapes & Brian Mulholland (Math) and Pam Butler & Emily McLemore (Gender Studies)) (Video)
  • Neuroscience of Learning: How Understanding Your Students’ Brains Can Inform Your Teaching (Video, Slides)
  • Designing Effective Short Courses (Video, Materials)
  • Supporting International Students (Video, Slides)
  • Teaching & Learning Tech: Tools to Enhance Learner Engagement (Video, Slides)
  • Teaching & Learning Tech: Perusall for Collaborative Reading (Video)
  • Gathering Early Semester Student Feedback (Video, Slides)
  • Ungrading book talk with Susan D. Blum (Video)
  • Teaching Online: Includes strategies for engagement during class (Video)
  • Increasing Student Engagement in Large Enrollment Courses (Video)
  • Difficult Conversations in the Classroom (Video, Slides)
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching (Video, Slides)
  • Introduction to Backward Design (Video, Slides)
  • Universal Design for Learning:
  • Antiracist Pedagogy (Video, Slides)
  • Effective Use of Breakout Rooms (Video, Slides)
  • Setting the tone – Using the first day of class to establish norms for safety, conversations, and community (Video, Slides)
  • Introduction to Dual-Mode Classrooms (Video, Slides)
  • Transparent Assignment Design (Video, Slides)
  • Online Teaching Effectiveness: An Introduction to Best Practice (Video, Slides)
  • Rethinking Your Course Design for Resilient Teaching (Video, Slides)
  • Assessing Learning in Resilient Teaching (Video, Handout & Slides)
  • Assessing Participation, Preparation, and Attendance (Video, Slides)
  • Strategies for Effective Active Learning and Group Collaboration (Video, Slides)
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Teaching with Zoom (Video, Slides)
  • Introduction to Sakai (Video)
  • Creating Assessments in Sakai (Video, Slides)
  • Optimizing Sakai for Resilient Teaching (Video, Handout & Slides)
  • Selecting/Creating Asynchronous Content (Video, Slides)
  • Panopto Basics (video creation & distribution) (VideoSlides)
  • Engaging Students with Perusall (Video)

LMS Transition – Pilot Demo Sessions

  • D2L Brightspace Demo (Video)
  • Instructure Canvas Demo (Video)

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