Workshops & Programs

Notre Dame Learning units (the Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence & Office of Digital Learning) along with OIT’s Teaching and Learning Technologies team are in the process of organizing the fall workshop series and will have all workshops listed by Tuesday, August 10. - Learn more and register.

Past Workshops: Recordings and Materials

Note: To see the Zoom chat and use it to navigate the videos click the "Discussion" option below the speaker on the left side of the screen. 

  • Alternatives to Traditional Grading Panel (Sonja Mapes & Brian Mulholland (Math) and Pam Butler & Emily McLemore (Gender Studies)) (Video)
  • Neuroscience of Learning: How Understanding Your Students’ Brains Can Inform Your Teaching (Video, Slides)
  • Designing Effective Short Courses (Video, Materials)
  • Supporting International Students (Video, Slides)
  • Teaching & Learning Tech: Tools to Enhance Learner Engagement (Video, Slides)
  • Teaching & Learning Tech: Perusall for Collaborative Reading (Video)
  • Gathering Early Semester Student Feedback (Video, Slides)
  • Ungrading book talk with Susan D. Blum (Video)
  • Teaching Online: Includes strategies for engagement during class (Video)
  • Increasing Student Engagement in Large Enrollment Courses (Video)
  • Difficult Conversations in the Classroom (Video, Slides)
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching (Video, Slides)
  • Introduction to Backward Design (Video, Slides)
  • Universal Design for Learning:
  • Antiracist Pedagogy (Video, Slides)
  • Effective Use of Breakout Rooms (Video, Slides)
  • Setting the tone – Using the first day of class to establish norms for safety, conversations, and community (Video, Slides)
  • Introduction to Dual-Mode Classrooms (Video, Slides)
  • Transparent Assignment Design (Video, Slides)
  • Online Teaching Effectiveness: An Introduction to Best Practice (Video, Slides)
  • Rethinking Your Course Design for Resilient Teaching (Video, Slides)
  • Assessing Learning in Resilient Teaching (Video, Handout & Slides)
  • Assessing Participation, Preparation, and Attendance (Video, Slides)
  • Strategies for Effective Active Learning and Group Collaboration (Video, Slides)
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Teaching with Zoom (Video, Slides)
  • Introduction to Sakai (Video)
  • Creating Assessments in Sakai (Video, Slides)
  • Optimizing Sakai for Resilient Teaching (Video, Handout & Slides)
  • Selecting/Creating Asynchronous Content (Video, Slides)
  • Panopto Basics (video creation & distribution) (VideoSlides)
  • Engaging Students with Perusall (Video)

LMS Transition – Pilot Demo Sessions

  • D2L Brightspace Demo (Video)
  • Instructure Canvas Demo (Video)

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